There is no cure for paralysis, or any meaningful therapies for people with spinal cord injury. But the Mark Pollock Trust is raising €1 million which will create €1 billion in impact to change this reality.

We believe that it simply requires enough of the right people having the will to make it happen. So, we are focused on finding and connecting those people around the world to fast-track a cure for paralysis.

This moon-shot will change the lives of the 1 person in every 50 households living with paralysis, their families and communities.

How does the Mark Pollock Trust fast-track a cure for paralysis?


We are exploring the frontiers of spinal cord injury recovery by creating and scaling collaborations that have never been done before. Through our Radical Collaboration Lab we bring scientists, robotics engineers and medics together to work in ways they never have before.


Scientists and technologists with life-changing research results rarely have access to deep industry expertise, business know-how or sufficient capital to translate their findings to the clinic. It requires radical thinking and a collaborative approach across disciplines to do it. We are focused on making it happen faster.

Video explaining the Mark Pollock Trust’s vision.

This is an infographic which explains how fundraising money is spent on scientific research. If you click the link, it will bring you to the donate page.