About The Mark Pollock Trust

The Mark Pollock Trust is raising €1 million to find and connect people worldwide to fast-track a cure for paralysis.

Spinal cord injury strikes at the very heart of what it means to be human; an evolutionary amputation completed in a moment, turning people from standing upright, running forms into seated compromises of their former selves.

It also interferes with the body’s internal systems that are designed to keep us alive and, multiple infections, neuropathic pain and uncontrollable spasms are common.

These are the things that exhaust even the most determined: that leave 7 out of 10 people excluded from the workforce; that leave 4 out of 10 living below the poverty line; and that isolate so many of the 500,000 people globally who suffer a spinal cord injury each year.

Our specific objectives are:

  1. To support Mark’s exploration for a paralysis cure by donating his paralysed body to research that will benefit him and the global spinal cord injured community to which he belongs. We do this by assisting with the capital and ongoing costs associated with Mark’s injury and by enabling Mark to follow a demanding training and testing regime.
  2. To connect scientists, technologists, physiologists and funding bodies so that they collaborate in scientific research. We are currently funding a research scientist focused on translating scientific advances from the lab into humans with the aim of them being available to the entire global paralysis community.
  3. To put the creation of a paralysis cure on a global stage through Mark’s public profile, his motivational speaking and the global network of supporters who Run in the Dark. We connect with the world through social and traditional media outlets and by working with decision makers globally.

This is an infographic which explains how fundraising money is spent on scientific research. If you click the link, it will bring you to the donate page.