About The Mark Pollock Trust

We believe we can cure paralysis in our lifetime.
With enough of the right people having the will to make it happen, we will  change the lives of the 60 million people around the world who suffer from paralysis and the 2.5 million people who specifically suffer from spinal cord injury.
So, we’re on a mission to find and connect people worldwide to fast-track a cure for paralysis.
Our funding model is:
  • Endowment Fund – To fund our ongoing academic programme we are creating a $10 million endowment fund to generate $400,000 annually to support our science and technology research.
  • General Fundraising – To fund our operations we generate income through entry fees from our global running series, Run in the Dark; corporate speaking; corporate donations; and commercial partnerships. All individual donations and fundraising is ringfenced for our scientific and technology research.

This is an infographic which explains how fundraising money is spent on scientific research. If you click the link, it will bring you to the donate page.