About The Mark Pollock Trust

Mark Pollock believes we can cure paralysis in our lifetime. To do it, he is exploring the intersection where humans and technology collide, catalysing collaborations that have never been done before and unlocking $1 billion to make the cure a reality.

Where Did It Start?

When I broke my back in 2010, I discovered that spinal cord injury strikes at the very heart of what it means to be human. It turned me from my upright, running, jumping form into a seated compromise of myself. And, it’s not just the lack of feeling and movement, it also interferes with the body’s internal systems that are designed to keep us alive.

As I lay in hospital for 16 months, digesting the impact of my accident, I was physically and mentally broken. And, in the midst of the uncertainty, my friends formed the Mark Pollock Trust to support me. They began fundraising to pay for the initial costs of my injury and guard against the ongoing health consequences in the future.

Now, with the help of so many people around the world, I have established a new life living with blindness and paralysis. The money raised through the Mark Pollock Trust continues to fund the capital and ongoing costs of my injury. And, as I donate my paralysed body to experimental research under the supervision of some of the world’s greatest scientists and technologists, I make requests to the Directors of the Trust to release money which I spend on pursuing my mission to cure paralysis in our lifetime.

I know that I have not been able to thank everyone who has supported me in person – some I know personally and many more I don’t – but I am eternally grateful to everyone who stepped in to support me in the days after my accident and to all of you who continue to do so.

Thank you.

Mark Pollock

How Do We Fund It?

Today, at the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution, making breakthrough scientific discoveries and then moving them to commercial viability can easily cost tens or hundreds of millions of dollars and take decades. This simply isn’t happening quickly enough. So, Mark is taking a systems change approach by building networks of people in science, technology, philanthropy, government, non-profits, and the private sector to unlock $1 billion to make the cure a reality.

To raise money for the Mark Pollock Trust our team work with a range of partners.

Enterprise Partners

All of our operating costs and Mark’s current work to cure paralysis are covered by Run in the Dark entries, corporate partnerships (cash and in-kind) and corporate speaking fees. In addition, this covers the capital and ongoing costs of Mark’s spinal cord injury in line with our legal status pursuant to section 189A of the Taxes Consolidation Act 1997 (Special Trusts for Incapacitated Persons).

Activation Partners

Our community of fundraisers and connectors work with us in all sorts of ways. Individuals and companies fundraise at Run in the Dark, some companies partner with us on customer or employee engagement programmes, some give a set amount each year and others make connections that take us in unexpected directions.

Who Are We?

Mark has gathered a small team of full-time solution seekers and a network of hundreds prepared to disregard the impossible with him. His community of change makers is filled with engineers and patients, scientists and politicians, medics and investors, writers and inventors, lawyers and philanthropists, students and entrepreneurs.  He needs them all, and more, on his expedition to cure paralysis in our lifetime.

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