Collaboration is key to solve large-scale global problems, like curing paralysis in our lifetime. Where knowledge is imperfect and results uncertain, we need collaborative structures allowing us to pull resources and capabilities together from the network as they are needed.

To create this network we harness the power of our academic collaborators and Mark’s colleagues in the Forum of Young Global Leaders and the wider World Economic Forum community.


Collaboration milestones


Supporting the translation of research from lab to clinic

: Supporting NeuroRecovery Technologies to create a pathway to commercialising electrical stimulation devices.

A picture of Mark’s back marked with black pen along his spine and the hands of a scientist attaching electrodes to it so he can be electrically stimulated


Creating connections to bring science, business and philanthropy together

Facilitating the formation of a $4 million venture philanthropy fund with a Silicon Valley VC and a US philanthropic foundation.


Putting the issue of paralysis on the world stage

Socialising paralysis research breakthroughs by speaking at Davos, Wired, EG, TEDx and more…


Co-creating a collaboration initiative at the World Economic Forum

Co-created an initiative within the WEF’s Young Global Leaders Forum to connect science and technology spin-out companies with relevant expertise and capital.

This is an infographic which explains how fundraising money is spent on scientific research. If you click the link, it will bring you to the donate page.